The one that stayed.

Sweetboy you forgot my birthday she said, for a moment I couldn’t say anything cause it cut me like a knife. People say its the little things of this life that matters, little things like who we love, how much we care about them and the moments we spend together no matter how infinitesimal. Those are the best moments of one’s life, the intangible moments, memories forever remembered, memories shared with the ones you love, that includes yourself if you are a narcissist which most of you are.
Its a beautiful thing to know that I’m a source of joy and pride to someone, that I dried someone’s tears, that I gave hope but it did not come at small cost. She was willing to give all so that I May survive but The INFINITE in His mercies spared her so that I may know she who was the conduit for my ever being. I am the one who stayed and I promise I will always be there for you, for good. I love you very much, you mean the world to me.

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Where Do Our Loved Ones Go?

The death of a loved one has to be the hardest kind of pain anyone could bear, even a psychopath would be forced to empathize. I lost my sister when I was five, I only saw her once although I was just a little boy, her death left me in pains, the thought of being the only child again without no sibling to share the love and affections was sufficient to put me in that state. The feeling didn’t last for long though seeing as I was just a little boy, played them away, but that death left a lasting effect on my life, till this day I knew no sister and I always tried to make up for that absence.
Sometimes questions like how would she have looked like, would she have been pretty or just plain looking? Pops into my head, sometimes I try to dismiss them, sometimes I dwell no them but who can know all these things heh?
Anyway it seems I have drifted a bit from the subject of this piece but the questions still remains, the questions we often ask like where are they now? Will I ever see them again? Are they somewhere watching over me? Or why did you have to go now? The answers to these questions we might never find, we can only dwell on them for a while but never for too long.

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The one that stayed.

The one that stayed..

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The Fabrics Of Life

Before I set to write this piece, I have been thinking about what my problems really are, sometime I can’t seem to clearly identify any one problem I have, that should be a problem right?
Most people have clearly defined problems, they know it, they feel, it keeps most of them up at night but some choose to ignore it entirely.
My approach to identifying and solving my problems is somewhat akin to how I handle my laundry. I first sort out the light coloured fabrics from the dark ones, the reason is that I find the stains with minimal effort at searching. But the dark ones, The difficult ones where the stain isn’t so clear, now that a tough one we should all pay particular attention to but most times we choose rather to ignore, dip, squeeze, dry and the stain still remains. Some don’t even bother, they just stack dirty fabrics upon dirty fabrics waiting perhaps for someone to come help them, some get the help they seek and most stay long enough to regret, others could not bear the enormousness of it and they try to take the easy but somewhat difficult way out, this maybe resulting from sheer hubris, apathy or some undefinable trait.
Whatever way you choose to identify and solve your problems, the single most effective way is solving the small visible ones first and someday hopefully you will find a solution to the ones you can’t identify or understand, but with subtle persistence though. Alway try to seek help from people you trust, believe me it doesn’t kill.

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